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…ensure the inclusion of human perspectives,attitudes and

behaviors to enhance health

and well-being


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We are humans before we are patients. We amplify the human perspective in healthcare and provide healthcare companies with a true and meaningful picture of their key audiences, to reliably guide their decisions and actions.


We are passionate, dedicated and insightful people who bring you fresh thinking and insights by being inquisitive on your behalf.

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Sarah Tucker

Director / co-founder


With over 15 years of experience in healthcare primary market research, Sarah is a trained NLP practitioner who is intrigued by human perspectives and behaviours.
Inquisitive in nature, she is passionate about
uncovering true and meaningful insights that
make a positive impact in healthcare.

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Becky Barber

Director / co-founder


With a background in psychology and keen interest in healthcare, Becky is naturally curious and has focused on exploring, observing and understanding perspectives and behaviours. Becky has 13 years experience in primary market research and is passionate about highlighting the human perspective in healthcare.

The 'colour psychology' of YELLOW is uplifting, illuminating, hopeful, happy and fun, inspiring original thought and inquisitiveness.

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